Phenorex product testimonial

Eric Pierce

Feb. 19, 2011

Eric Pierce Phenorex Results Over the past month, I have gotten into the best shape of my life and Team Gaspari helped me get there. I had two major motivating factors: 1. After Thanksgiving I was the heaviest I had ever been tipping the scales at 214 lbs and... 2. For someone who was in the gym 6 days a week and believed in the message of the Gaspari Revolution, I was mad that I wasn't walking the walk. So I got focused. As the holidays ended I sought out motivation. I shut down the "friends" who thought I was crazy, found role models in the gym and began to pay more attention to things like the Gaspari Facebook page. Pressing "Like" on the Gaspari Facebook was the best move I could have made. I became a loyal reader of all the Team Gaspari blogs (big ups to James Villepigue, awesome stuff) and I began to shift my priorities. Then I won a couple of your supplement contests and had to answer a really big question. Just how good could I be really? Sure, I could bench 300 for reps and knock out 10 pull-ups with a 45 lb plate, but when I stared at the prizes on my floor (Phenorex, SuperPump MAX, Anavite & Flew Lewis mouse pads), I wanted more. On January 13th I committed. I made the decision that I was going to put my all into fitness until (at least) my birthday. That gave me one month to see just how hard I could push myself. And thus, I became the ultimate Gaspari Guinea Pig. My Stack: Phenorex SuperPump MAX SizeOn Pre-Contest Anavite MyoFusion Hydro (Milk Chocolate) My Results: Well, as the title says, I got into the best shape of my life... PERIOD! Between heavy lifting, morning cardio, strict diet & Gaspari Supplements. I dropped 10 lbs, lost 2 in. on my waist, didn't lose strength on any of my lifts (gained on some!) & I've got abs, in the middle of the Connecticut Winter! That's plain nuts! My Gaspari Experience: Phenorex Every morning I left cardio with a wet t-shirt. As someone who doesn't sweat much, that alone made Phenorex effective. The appetite suppression was an added bonus. Most notably though, it gave me clean energy. 20 minutes after taking it, I felt increased alertness and never suffered any jitters. Excellent. SuperPump MAX The Pumps were great. Strong and motivating, but not crippling. By the 4th week, the vascularity on bicep days started to scare me, but in the awesome way. Absolutely top notch. SizeOn Pre-Contest Kept me looking strong day and night. I can't remember the last time I was able to bang thorough my sets so quickly with so little fatigue. I actually had to watch the clock to take proper rest periods because I was attacking sets too quickly! Anavite & MyoFusion As support, I can't ask for more. My recovery and gains were fantastic and you can't beat the taste of MyoFusion. Best Protein powder I've ever tasted, bar none. Words aside, the pictures tell it all. (My BodySpace: No flexing, no smiling, no magic lighting, just results. Gaspari products sell themselves. When I look at my before and after from less than 1 month of training, I can't be anything but proud and thankful. Thank you Gaspari Nutrition for making the best products in the business. Who knows where I go from here, but you can bet Gaspari will be in my gym bag!